Fukuyama Team 2001

The major research efforts of our group are directed toward total synthesis of complex natural products with interesting biological activities. Current total synthesis targets of our laboratory include potent antitumor compound ecteinascidin 743, discorhabdins, lysergic acid, tetrodotoxin, kainic acid, lemonomycin, UCS1025A, naphthyridinomycin, mitomycins to mention a few. In order to achieve these total syntheses, we have also extensively investigated new synthetic methodologies and new protecting groups. Methodologies recently developed along these lines include synthesis of amines using nitrobenzenesulfonyl groups, indole synthesis by radical cyclization of o-alkenylphenylisocyanides or o-alkenythioanilides, and transformation of thiol esters to aldehydes or ketones. Our laboratory has recently completed the total syntheses of the following natural products: (+)-gelsemine, (})-vincadifformine, (-)-tabersonine, HO-416b, (})-catharanthine, (+)-K252a, phomoidride B, lipogrammistin-A, eudistomin C, (+)-vinblastine, duocarmycin A, leustroducsin B, ecteinascidin 743, and ephedradine A.