Oct. 24, 2018: Lecture by Prof. Douglas Stephan

We had a nice lecture by Prof. Douglas W. Stephan (University of Toronto). Thanks a lot !

Oct. 16, 2016: Dr. Oisaki received Chemist Award BCA.

Dr. Kounosuke Oisaki (Lecturer) received Chemist Award BCA 2018. This is awarded to preeminent reserchers under 40 in the field of organic synthesis. Congratulations !

Oct. 12, 2018: The 28th Optically Active Compounds Symposium

The 28th Optically Active Compounds Symposium was held on Oct. 12th. Four prestigious lecturers including Yamada-Koga Prize Awardee, Prof. Herbert Waldmann gave us excellent talks.

Oct. 1, 2018: Chem. Pharm. Bull. review was selected as Cover Picutre.

Dr. Oisaki's review commemorating his Young Scientist Award from Pharmaceutical Society of Japan was published in Chem. Pharm. Bull. and was selected as Cover Picture and Featured Articles. (Illustration: Annindofu

Sep. 27, 2018: Fujita (M2) received Poster Protentation Award.

Taiki Fujita (M2) received poster presentation award in 35th Synthetic Organic Chemistry Seminar. Congratulations !

Sep. 13, 2018: Lecture by Prof. Ryan Shenvi

We had a nice lecture by Prof. Ryan Shenvi (Scripps Research Institute). Thanks a lot !

Oct. 30, 2018: Lecture by Prof. David Sarlah

We had a nice lecture by Prof. David Sarlah (University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaigne). Thanks a lot !

Oct. 24, 2018: Lecture by Prof. Noah Burns

We had a nice lecture by Prof. Noah Burns (Stanford University). Thanks a lot !

Jul. 30, 2018: Lecture by Dr. Uwe Schneider

We had a nice lecture by Dr. U we Schneider '(University of Edinburgh). Thanks a lot !

Jun. 29, 2018: Dr. Oisaki received Mitsui Chemicals Catalysis Science Award of Encouragement.

Dr. Konosuke Oisaki (Lecturer) received the "Mitsui Chemicals Catalysis Science Award of Encouragement" in 2018. To contribute to the sustainable development of chemistry and chemical industries, this award is granted for researchers who have made original research in the field of catalysis science by Mitsui Chemicals every two years since 2004 (Previous winners are here). Congratulations!

June 4, 2018: Lecture by Dr. Nobuyoshi Yasuda

We had a lecture by Dr. Nobuyoshi Yasuda (Ex-Senior Principal Scientist in Merck Research Laboratory).
Lecture title: Scientific Heritage of Merck Research Labratories

Jun. 1, 2018: Japanese-Spanish Post-Symposium in Organic Synthesis in Tokyo

We held Japanese-Spanish Post-Symposium in Organic Synthesis in Tokyo at Grad. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UT. Five distinguished speakers had talks.

May. 24, 2018: Chem.Eur. J. paper is selected as Inside Cover.

The paper titled as "C(sp3)-H Cyanation Promoted by Visible‐Light Photoredox/Phosphate Hybrid Catalysis" was published on Chem.Eur. J. and selected as Inside Cover.

May 21, 2018: Wakaki (D3) received Protentation Award.

Takayuki Wakaki (D3) received student oral presentation award in 16th Symposium of Organic Chemistry -the Next Generation-. Congratulations !


Apr. 17, Wakaki (D3) received Protentation Award of PSJ.

Takayuki Wakaki (D3) received Student Prensetation Award in 138th Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. Congratulations !


Apr. 10, 2018: Dr. Sohma received The Young Scientist's Prize.

Yohei Sohma (ERATO Group Leader) received this year's Young Scienctist's Prize from MEXT, that is awarded to distinguished researchers younger than 40 years old. Congratulations !

Apr. 1, 2018: New members joined !

Kanai laboratory started 2018 year with new memers !。



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