Aug. 18, 2015: Our new research is published on Nature Chemistry !

The paper from ERATO catalysis group (meta-selective C-H bolylation catalyst directed by hydrogen bonding) is published on Nat. Chem. ! Congratulations !

Jul. 15, 2015: Our lab won the volleyball tournament !

Our volleyball team finally won the championship of volleyball match held in pharmaceutical department ! Congratulations !

Jul 10, 2015: Yamamoto (D3) received L'Oreal-UNESCO award.

Kumiko Yamamoto (D3) received NIHON L'Oreal-UNESCO Award for Young Women in Science 2015. Congratulations !

Jul 6, 2015: Araya(D1) received post award and best discussion awards.

Takushi Araya (D1) received poster presentation award and three best discussion awards in Souyaku-Konwakai in Tokushima. Congratulations !

May 25, 2015: Yamamoto(D3) received student presentation award !

Kumiko Yamamoto (D3) received student oral presentation award in 13th Symposium of Organic Chemistry -the Next Generation-. Congratulations !

May 20, 2015: Kojima(D2) received presentation award !

Masahiro Kojima (D1) received oral presentation award for young chemists in 69th Kanto symposium of SSOCJ. Congratulations !

May 13, 2015: MBLA symposium lecture movie is open to access.

Prof. Kanai gave a talk at MBLA 10th anniversary special lectures on 3/29. The lecture movie is now open to access.

May 1, 2015: Two Students received Presentation Award of CSJ.

Kumiko Yamamoto (D3), Zhen Wang (D3) received Student Prensetation Award in 95th Spring Meeting of Chemical Society of Japan. Congratulations !

Apr. 11, 2015: Two Students received Presentation Award of PSJ.

Itoh (D1, oral), Mitsunuma (OB, oral) received Student Prensetation Award in 135th Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. Congratulations !

Apr. 1, 2015: Prof. Matsunaga launched independet lab.

Dr. Matsunaga was promoted as a full professor at Hokkaido University and launched independent laboratory.

Apr. 1, 2015: New members joined to our lab !

2015 has just started with new members !



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