Feb. 18, 2015: Update: Gallery

Photos of Ski Trip 2015 were uploaded at Gallery page.


Nov. 25, 2014: Dr. Sohma received PSJ Award for Young Scientist.

Dr. Youhei Sohma (ERATO Group Leader) received The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists 2014. Congratulations !

Nov. 25, 2014: Gallery was updated.

We added photographs of 2013-2014.

Nov. 24, 2014: Mr. Shimizu received Poster Presentation Award.

Yusuke Shimizu (M1) received Poster Presentation Award at 2nd International Conference & 7th Symposium on Organocatalysis. Congratulations !

Nov. 12, 2014: Mr. Suzuki and Shinoda received Poster Presentation Award.

Yudai Suzuki (D2) and Kiyomichi Shinoda (M2) received Poster Presentation Award at 4th CSJ Chemistry Festa. Congratulations !

Nov. 4, 2014: Masahiro Kojima stayed in LMU for research abroad.

Masahiro Kojima (D1) stayed in Dirk Trauner lab at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München as a visiting student (September-October 2014) .

Oct. 20, 2014: Kumiko Yamamoto stayed in Harvard University for research abroad.

Kumiko Yamamoto (D2) stayed in Tobias Ritter lab at Harvard University as a visiting student (May-September 2014) .

June 16, 2014: Seki(D1) received poster presentation award !

Yohei Seki (D1) received poster presentation award in 9th Annucal Meeting of Japanese Society for Chemical Biology. Congratulations !

May 24, 2014: Seki(D1) received student presentation award !

Yohei Seki (D1) received student oral presentation award in 12th Symposium of Organic Chemistry -the Next Generation-. Congratulations !

May 8, 2014: "Author Profiles" of Dr. Kuninobu is available on ACIE.

“Angewandte Author Profiles” of Dr. Yoichiro Kuninobu (ERATO group leader) is published on the occasion of his 10th publication on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed..

Apr. 30, 2014: Our paper is featured on the cover of Adv.Synth.Catal. !!

Our paper titled as"Air-Stable Cp*Co(CO)I2 Complex as a Precursor for Cationic Cobalt(III) Catalysis"(Authors: Sun, Yoshino, Matsunaga & Kanai) was featured as the cover picture of Adv. Synth. Catal. !

Apr. 30, 2014: CSJ Presentation Award 2014

Dr. Oisaki (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Tanabe (ERATO Postdoctoral Researcher) reaceved CSJ presentation award in 94th Annual Meeting of Chemical Society of Japan. Congratulations !

Apr. 14, 2014: Three Students received Presentation Award of PSJ.

Kojima (D1, oral), Morita (D1, oral), and Ikemoto (M2, oral) received Student Prensetation Award in 134th Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. Congratulations !

Apr. 1, 2014: New members joined to our lab !

2014 has just started with new members !

Mar. 17, 2014: Dr. Kanyiva attended HOPE Meeting.

Dr. Stephen Kanyiva (JSPS postdoctoral fellow) attended 6th HOPE Meeting held on 3/11-14.

Mar. 14, 2014: ERATO's research appeared on Nat. Commun. !

ERATO catalysis group published a paper entitled "Regioselective Trifluoromethylation of N-Heteroaromatic Compounds Using Trifluoromethyldifluoroborane Activator" on Nature Communications ! This paper was featured by Nature Communications Chemistry Selections.

Feb. 6, 2014: Finally our lab won the basketball tournament !

Our basketball team finally won the championship of basketball match held in pharmaceutical department ! Congratulations !


Nov. 15, 2013: Mr. Kaneko and Ikemoto received Poster Presentation Award.

Keiichi Kaneko (D1) and Hideya Ikemoto (M1) received Poster Presentation Award at 3rd CSJ Chemistry Festa. Congratulations !

Nov. 11, 2013: Dr. Taniguichi received Good Stone Award

Dr. Atsuhiko Taniguchi (ERATO PD) received Good Stone Award (Young Oral Presentation Award) at APIPS 2013. Congratulations !

Nov. 9, 2013: ketoABNO is commercially available.

Novel N-oxyl radical catalyst developed by us, ketoABNO, is now commercialized by Wako pure chemical industry, Co., Ltd.(500mg: #016-25001, 1g: #012-25003)。ketoABNO is bench-stable, highly active catalyst for aerobic oxidation of amines and alcohols.

Nov. 6, 2013: Mr. Yoshino selected as Otsu conference member.

Tatsuhiko Yoshino(D3) attended 4th Otsu Conference as one of selected members.

Sep. 25, 2013: Yudai Suzuki stayed in Max-Planck Institute for research abroad.

Yudai Suzuki (D1) stayed in Alois Furstner lab at Max-Planck Institute as a visiting student (Jul.-Sep. 2013) .

Sep. 2, 2013: Dr. Shimizu received 1st Poster Prize

Yohei Shimizu (Assitant Professor) received 1st poster prize in Frontiers in Chemistry, Armenia (ArmChemFront2013) . Congratulations !

Jul. 22, 2013: Ms. Yamamoto received Poster Award of ACMS

Kumiko Yamamoto (D1 student) received poster presentation award in The First Asian Conference for "MONODUKURI" Strategy by Synthetic Organic Chemistry (ACMS). Congratulations !

May 9, 2013: Astellas Lecture was held.

6th Astellas Lecture (sponsored by Astellas Co.) was held and many people have attended. We enjoyed lecture by Prof. K. C. Nicolaou and plenty of questions and discussions. Thank you all for coming and Prof. Nicolaou for wonderful lecture !

Apr. 25, 2013: Dr.Sueki received Presentation Award of CSJ

Dr. Shunsuke Sueki (CREST postdoctoral researcher) received presentation award in 93th spring annual meeting of chemical society of Japan. Congraturations !

Apr. 5, 2013: Five Students received Presentation Award of PSJ.

Yoshino(D3, oral), Sonobe(D2, oral), Kojima (M2, oral), Kawai J.(OB, poster), and Ikemoto (M1, poster) received Student Prensetation Award in 133th Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Society of Japan. Congratulations !

Apr. 1, 2013 New laboratory year has started !.

We have several new members ! Let’s run this road of our belief.

Jan. 25, 2013 Dr. Oisaki received Fuji Film Proposal Award from SSOCJ.

Kounosuke Oisaki (Assistant Professor) received Research Proposal Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, sponsored by Fuji Film and The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry Japan.


Dec. 25, 2012 Junya Kawai (M2) attends Nobel Prize Award Ceremony.

Junya Kawai(M2) attended Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (sponsored by The Japan Prize Foundation). He had a priceless opportunity to attend many events including Nobel Prize Award Ceremony 2012. Only two Japanese students was qualified as the participants every year.

Dec. 21, 2012 Harunobu Mitsunuma (D1) stayed in UC Berkeley for research abroad.

Harunobu Mitsunuma (D1) stayed in John F. Hartwig lab at UC Berkeley as a visiting student (Oct.-Dec. 2012) .

Dec. 12, 2012 Tastuhiko Yoshino(D2) receuved Best Poster Presentation Award.

Tatsuhiko Yoshino(D2) received Best Poster Presentation Award at The 2nd Junior ICCEOCA. Congratulations !

Nov. 12, 2012 Kumiko Yamamoto (M2) received excellent presentation award.

Kumiko Yamamoto(M2) received excellent presentation award (poster) at "Hannou to Gousei no Shinpo Symposium". Congratulations !

Oct. 23, 2012 Our paper is featured on the cover of Chem. Asian J. !!

Our paper titled as "Functional group-tolerant catalytic migratory oxidative coupling of nitrones" (Authors: Hashizume, Oisaki & Kanai) was featured as the cover picture of Chem. Asian J. !

Oct. 2, 2012: Dr. Oisaki received Best Poster Award.

Kounosuke Oisaki (Assistant Professor) received Best Poster Award in ICCOS-2012/FOC-2012.

May 14, 2012: Mr. Mitsunuma(D1) received presentation award.

Harunobu Mitsunuma(D1) received Prensetation Award in 10th Symposium of Organic Chemistry -the Next Generation-. Congratulations !

Apr. 26, 2012: Mr.Hashizume, Mitsunuma, Matsumoto, Wang received Student Presentation Award of PSJ.

Shogo Hashizume & Harunobu Mitsunuma (D1) and Takuya Matsumoto & Yufei Wang (M2) received Student Prensetation Award in 132th Annual Meeting of Pharmaceutical Society of Japaan. Congratulations !

Apr. 9, 2012: Kuninobu GL received The Young Scientist's Prize.

Youichiro Kuninobu (ERATO Group Leader) received this year's Young Scienctist's Prize from MEXT, that is awarded to distinguished researchers younger than 40 years old. Congratulations !

Apr. 1, 2011: New laboratory year started !!

We are starting with new members and staffs !


Mar. 24. Mr. Saga (M1) received President's award of the University of Tokyo.

Mr. Yutaka Saga (M2) received President's award of the University of Tokyo. This great honor is only given to 10 brilliant students (selected from over 28,000 students in UT).

Mar. 2, 2011 Ms. Nakanowatari (M1) received award of science article contest.

Ms. Nakanowatari (M1) received "the highest and Minister of Education and Science award" of science & technology student article contest, sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun.

Feb. 9, 2011 Dr. Matsunaga received Merck-Banyu Lectureship Award 2010.

Dr. Shigeki Matsunaga (Lecturer) was the recipient of MBLA 2010, which is one of the most prestigious honor for young Japanese synthetic chemists under 40 years old. He will have a lectureing tour around US top research institutes supported by Banyu Life Science Foundation International.


Jul. 20 Yutaka Saga (M2) received excellent presentation award.

Our M2 grad student, Yutaka Saga received excellentpresentatioin award at Summer Symposium of The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry (held on July 15-16, 2010).

Jun. 2 Update: Project

Our research topic is summarized herein.

May. 28 Update: Literature Seminar Handout.

We added previous handouts of Literature Seminar held over past 10 years. Get it now !

May. 25 Update: Gallery

Photographs of Kemigawa Sports Festival are uploaded.

May. 14 Yuta Tanaka (D2) received excellent presentation award.

Our D2 grad student, Yuta Tanaka received excellent presentatioin award at 8th Symposium: Organic Chemistry-the Next Generation- (held on May 13-14, 2010).

Apr. 22 Literature Seminar Handout is available.

We are sharing the Literature seminar handouts on the web. Please feel free to read and discuss with other chemists.

Apr. 19: Our Twitter

Upcoming and ongoing events (papers, laboratory, etc...) will be tweeted. Please follow us to catch (@kanailab).

Apr. 12: Update: Gallery

Photographs of HonoryLecuture of Prof. Shibasaki were uploaded.

Apr. 11: New website is now accessible !

Laboratory homepage was conpletely renewed.

Apr. 1: KANAI labratory has launched !

Synthetic Organic Chemistry laboratory is now under the supervision of Prof. Motomu KANAI .
Prof. Masakatsu SHIBASAKI has moved to Microbial Chemistry Research Center had new laboratory.



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