Department of Pharmacy - Education Center for Medical Pharmaceutics

Dean T. Funatsu
Vice Dean T. Shimizu
Vice Dean M. Miura
Member of the Education and Research Council M. Miura
*:Medicine science department chair
*:Pharmacy department chair

Education Center for Medical Pharmaceutics
Director Prof. : T. Funatsu
Deputy Director Project Prof. : T. Santa
Member Prof. : M. Miura
Member Prof. : H. Suzuki
Member Visiting Prof. : Y. Sawada
Member Assoc. Prof. : U. Ohto
Member Project Assoc. Prof. H.Satoh
Member Lecturer : T. Yamamoto

The University of Tokyo

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Medical Innovation Initiative
One-Stop Sharing Facility Center for Future Drug Discoveries Drug Discovery Initiative, The University of Tokyo
UTokyo Alumni The University of Tokyo Foundation

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